PharmaBro writers taking album back from Martin Shrekli

What is this?!

Like most of the country, we became aware of Martin Shkreli as "that guy who raised the price of Daraprim by 5000%." He was all over the news, and became one of America's true villains. Then he did something... weird... he bought a certain one-of-a-kind hip-hop album, and threatened to destroy it. It only got weirder when rumors started circulating that said hip-hop group was going to hold a heist to steal the album back - but only if they worked with Bill Murray. Of course, that wasn't true, but people believed!

On the surface, this sounded like a great premise for a musical: real-life villains, hip-hop artists, heists, Bill Murray... what's not to love? But as we began writing, undeniably relevant themes started to emerge - corporate greed, the importance of art, the influence of the media - all underneath the wackiest, weirdest, most comedic premise imaginable. 

It has been a weird and wonderful joy to take this idea and turn it into one of the most ridiculous musicals ever to come to Off-Broadway!